A Portfolio of Painting and Photography by Kathleen Gross

A plein air painting of an olive groveOlive Grove 02, oil on canvas paper

Kathleen Gross is an artist who has worked in both painting and photography, moving between the two mediums throughout her decades-long artistic career. In her current practice, the artist focuses mostly on painting, creating plein-air landscape works in oil paint as well as pastels. 

A pastel drawing of a valley in IrelandSally Gap, Ireland, pastels on paper


I like the way that Kathleen can vary her style to suit different subjects and moods. Some of the artist’s plein air paintings take on a gestural but soft style of painting, blending shades of green into rolling hills. In other works, the artist uses bold daubs of paint applied with a palette knife to create a uniquely textured work that is as much about the subject as it is an art object in its own right. 

A screen capture of Kathleen Gross' art portfolio websitewww.kathleengross.com

As we saw in our previous feature of Kathleen’s candid shots, the artist’s photographic past also plays an influencing role in her current practice. Photographic landscapes capture similar earthy colour schemes, while black-and-white images focusing on community and family further the sense of intimacy that’s present throughout the artist’s portfolio.

A palette knife painting in a wide palette of bright coloursTuscany, oil on canvas paper


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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