Spiritual Wonder: The Art of Ginger Garrett Arthur

A painting of a vast sky and still water landscapePresence of God, oil on canvas

Ginger Garrett Arthur is a Philadelphia-based painter who works frequently with landscape subject matter, creating images that showcase sweeping vistas while imparting an infectious sense of spiritual wonder

A painting of folding beach chairs under the shadow of palm treesPalm Shadows


Ginger tends to work in a loose style, working large, confident brush marks over flat planes of colour to build up textural illusions of skies, clouds, and flat fields. In some works, the artist sticks to one style of painting across the entire canvas, lending to an easy, peaceful viewing experience in which the viewer’s eye is free to travel over the entirety of the image uninterrupted. In other works, Ginger combines this more loose, gestural style of working with tighter and more highly detailed one. Yulan Magnolia is a great example of this, where the looser style serves to build up a soft-focus background, creating a distinct foreground focal point. 

A screen capture of Ginger Garrett Arthur's art portfolio websitewww.gingerarthur.com

Ginger also produces work on a commission basis, creating one-of-a-kind paintings of pets and other personal subject matter, with the same attention to detail she devotes to her personal practice.

A painting of a magnolia treeYulan Magnolia, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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