A Portfolio of Illustrative Pop-Art Portraits by Yume

A painting of Wonder Woman emerging from a loaf of Wonder BreadGreatest Thing Since Sliced Bread, acrylic on illustration board

Yume is a Japanese artist currently based in Orange County, California. The artist’s portfolio is packed with stylized, illustrative pop-art portraits and explorations into everything from TV characters to popular brands. 

A painting of Supergirl coming out of a can of soupSOUPERGIRL, acrylic on illustration board


I like the way Yume uses colour throughout her portfolio. The artist tends toward uniform, complementary colour palettes, often using highly saturated pigments across the whole canvas. Solitary, central figures -- often female, often characters from contemporary media -- dominate the artist’s portfolio. Yume’s most recent works, from 2019, combine recognizable characters with popular branding, utilizing a visual language that hearkens back to Andy Warhol’s use of Campbell’s soup cans, albeit with a more illustrative, figure-focused approach. 

A screen capture of Yume's art portfolio pageThe front page of Yume's art portfolio page

The artist’s Insects series showcases the playful, humorous aspects of Yume’s portfolio. In these works, insects combine with -- and in some cases stand in for -- human figures in various postures and settings.

A painting depicting elements of Hawaiian mythologyMoe'uhane, acrylic on canvas (commissioned painting)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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