Actor Portfolio: Miranda Allen

Woman with streaks of light


"Coiled" Poi Performance by Miranda Allen, Photograph by Serena Sorinsen


Today we feature the portfolio of performance artist Miranda Allen. The images of the artist performing poi are so stunning. I can't imagine what it would be like to be inside those wheels of light. Here the moments are frozen by photographers but you have to imagine that the movement is rapid and changes are constant. If Miranda Allen could wear a headband camera while performing poi we might have a chance to live a little vicariously in her world of light, shape and movement.


"Amidst her acting career (and often supplementing it) Miranda has been on many adventures with her stilts and poi. She began capitalizing on these unique skills during the Recession when her day job went out of business and street performance proved a lucrative way to pay for university.  She has since enhanced her talents by studying poi at La Escuela Del Sol in Costa Rica and stilting with the National Stilt-Walkers of Canada." -


View more examples of Miranda Allen's performance art here:

Woman with white gown and streaks of light
"What Is Beautiful Once Was Dust" Poi Performance by Miranda Allen, Photograph by Dave Olson 


Woman on beack with streaks of light


"My Back" Poi Performance by Miranda Allen, photograph by Louise Roberts 

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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