Natural Spaces and Cultivation: The Art of Bill Basquin

A still from a video of Death ValleyDeath Valley Love Letter (still), 16mm film/digital video silent

Bill Basquin is an artist currently based in San Francisco, California. In his artistic practice, Bill works in film and video, as well as multimedia installation, producing thoughtful works that explore the collision between natural spaces and cultivation through an abstracted lens. 

An installation view of a multimedia artworkSomeone Who Is Not You, mixed media


I enjoy the overall atmosphere that Bill’s works evoke. Though the artist’s films are available only as stills on his portfolio, each of these film stills suggests a slow, ambiguous narrative through which the viewer can glean as much -- or as little -- information as they please. Distorted views of cool, misty landscapes abound, as do panoramic outdoor shots that are devoid of recognizable detail such that they take on the aesthetic of abstract paintings. 

A screen capture of Bill Basquin's art

Some of Bill’s works seem almost tongue-in-cheek nods to the works of other artists -- contemporaries, or influences. A film still from For Mark Rothko mimics the appearance of one of the famed artist’s paintings, for example.

A video still made to look like a Rothko paintingFor Mark Rothko (still), super-8mm film/digital video

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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