Artist Portfolio: El Celso

Painting of red and blue spheres on gree background


Today we are taking a look at the porfolio of artist El Celso. When I look at El Celso's work I get a feel that the work has a beat to it. I love the element of repetition that comes across. Whether the act of stacking tonnes of glittering bottles of fluid, a triad of giant candy apples or the paper work above.  I immediately start to look for the variations between the objects and that really draws me into the artwork more. For example, the candy apples have different smears of candy on the stick, they each reflect a slightly different scene and get hit with light in a variety of ways. 


"I am a conceptual artist and interventionist currently working in Los Angeles and New York. My projects have included “Art Burn,” an art immolation, in Miami, timed to the city’s December art fairs (2009); “Art Shred” a companion piece held at the Edward Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea, in which works by over two-dozen artists were destroyed (2010); and “Post No Bills,” a pop-up gallery at a New York construction site, a piece that was covered in the New York Times (2008)." -


Sample more work from El Celso's art portfolio here:

Man in brick window frame with bottle lamps


La Luz (The Light): A series of installations at the Museo Convento De Santo Domingo Qorikancha 


Three giant red bobbing apples on street
"The Really Big Candy Apples" 

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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