A Still-Life Painting Portfolio by Robert W. H. McCoy

A still life painting of Texan and Mexican artefactsThe Back Room, oil on linen canvas

Robert W. H. McCoy began studying art as a child in San Antonio, Texas, building up a skill for photo-realistic, illustrative painting while incorporating inspirations from a variety of American and Mexican artists. The artist’s current portfolio encompasses still-life painting with incredible detail and Western as well as South American influences. 

A still life painting of Mexican artefacts posed on a tableGlow, oil on linen panel


I really appreciate the overall tone that Robert’s portfolio captures. The works here, combined, hearken back to the American old west, or at least a romanticized version of it like that seen in classic Western films. Warm tones of terra cotta, leather, and hardwood suffuse each painting. As a viewer, one can choose to bask in the warmth of the painting as a whole, or get lost in the myriad fine details that each painting holds. 

The front page of Robert H.W. McCoy's painting portfolio websiteRobert's art portfolio website, www.robertmccoystudio.com


Combing through the fine detail of the paintings is immensely rewarding -- though Robert’s painting skill is clear even from a cursory glance, even more details unfold upon closer inspection, and one gets the sense of the painstaking, loving labour that goes into each work.

A painting of a table holding artefacts and a portraitPride and Conflict, oil on linen canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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