The Painting Portfolio of Art Carillo

A still life painting of some American foods behind a chain link fenceMexican American I, acrylic on canvas paper

Art Carrillo is a Los Angeles-based artist who works primarily in acrylic paints. Most recently, art has been creating unexpected still-life paintings of common household objects and detritus of modern life -- in particular, signifiers and objects from the artist’s own Chicano background and community. 

A still life painting of sodas and baseball parapheneliaHECHO EN MEXICO, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy the way that Art renders these objects in paint. The subject matter of the works is not what you might expect to find in a typical, classical Western still life, and the artist’s use of similar visual tropes -- in terms of staging and composition -- lend further weight to these paintings.The artist’s skill with photo-realism provides a great space in which the viewer can recognize objects and attach a sense of their own meaning and connection. 

The front page of Art Carillo's art portfolio websiteArt's portfolio website,


Many of the artist’s works are painted in a deliberate staging, with an ever-present red curtain serving as backdrops. In recent works, Art has branched out to painting his still lifes in other settings, incorporating even further symbolic elements into the works.

A painting of a snowman, wine bottle, and toothbrushes against a red curtain backdropTHAT'S NOT MY TOOTHBRUSH, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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