The Art Portfolio of Abstract Painter James Lutzko

A painting with an expoy topcoat to create a cracked texture"BC-1601" Sliding Doors, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat

James Lutzko is an abstract painter who uses washes of bright pigment, blending them across the surface of a canvas to create planes of colour and texture that are then treated with epoxy. 

A painting with dark abstract pigmentEthereal, acrylic on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat


In his recent practice, James has been developing a technique of adding character to his paintings by encouraging the formation of small cracks and fissures across the surface of the canvas. The artist is inspired by painters like Lucio Fontana and others of the Spatial Concept movement, seeking to emphasize the three-dimensional physicality of two-dimensional artworks. 

A screen capture of James Lutzko's art portfolio


Though the artist’s works are firmly abstract, many feel emotionally charged -- the use of gradients of colour running from saturated to nearly white, and the occasional intervention of more concrete abstract forms lends to the sense of solitude and meditation found in these paintings. The paintings both evoke emotion in the viewer, and seem to project an emotional state of their own.

A green painting with a cracked texture over its surfaceGC-1601, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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