A Portfolio of Abstract Sculpture by Serge Mozhnevsky

An abstract aluminum sculpture installed on a beachEmbrace, aluminum

Serge Mozhnevsky is a sculptor originally from Russia and now based in Vancouver, BC. In his practice, Serge favours abstract sculpture, often building large-scale metal works for outdoor, public spaces, as well as gallery-oriented wood sculpture. 

An aluminum sculpture with a rounded shapeSilence, aluminum


It’s easy to draw parallels between Serge’s metal sculptures and those of 20th century greats like Richard Serra or Anthony Caro. There’s an equal emphasis, in Serge’s works, on form and a sense of power. These sculptures are often built out of aluminum, which, brushed to a polish, carries a texture almost reminiscent of crushed velvet. The look and feel of these outdoor sculptures seem to vary depending on the ambient light levels and the season. 

A screen capture of Serge Mozhnevsky's art portfolio websitewww.sergesculpture.com


In his wood sculptures, Serge utilizes the same attention to smooth, abstract form, sometimes suggesting human or animate figures while at other times pursuing a completely abstract sense of movement. These wood works remind me of pieces by Larry Scaturro, as well.

A sculpture made of wood with a metal detailDawn, black walnut

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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