The Watercolour and Charcoal Art Portfolio of Rayne Tunley

A painting of smoke curling over a body of waterSmoke Lake, watercolour

Rayne Tunley is a Canadian artist who, in her current practice, specializes in watercolour and charcoal. The artist’s works are impressionistic, offering dreamlike, slightly abstracted views inspired by Ontario landscapes and other subject matter. 

A watercolour painting of a sunriseSolar Flare, watercolour


I’m really impressed by the delicate skill and attention to detail demonstrated in all of Rayne’s works. Though the pieces may seem simple at first, there’s a clear sense of balance in terms of composition, and the artist’s deft use of negative space and colour lend to the sense that each work is planned and executed with precision. The artist’s landscapes looks straight out of a story book, with rolling hills rendered in deep, lush greens, and beautifully realistic texture for bodies of water.

A screen capture of Rayne Tunley's art portfolio


The works in Rayne’s black and white gallery take on a slightly darker aesthetic, and yet they never feel imposing. Warm grey tones and gentle charcoal washes allow for an inviting overall tone in these works, though one that seem to happily explore more esoteric, intimate subject matter.

An abstract charcoal painting of waterWater's First Dance, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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