Photography Portfolio: Madi Chambers

Woman with sunglasses and hair over the face
Photograph by Madi Chambers


Today we are taking a look at the photography portfolio of Madi Chambers. When I look at Madi Chamber's works I think about things that are mysterious, partially revealed and touching on the uncanny. There is a balance between a sense of darkness and a sense of lightness and the idea of  the veil whether it's hair, curtains or a partially wrapped tree. I'm the type that likes to be kept guessing so this art work is appealing to me. It does good things to my brain.


"Based in toronto, ontario & novar, ontario.

Currently working primarily in photography, book & paper making.

Curious about how to make art from inside a canoe." -


You can view more examples from Madi Chambers' photography portfolio here:


Chair with curtains and window
Photography by Madi Chambers from an ongoing series titled " Wife"


Wrapped up Christmas tree in front of window
Photograph by Madi Chambers from her series "Organs"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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