The Art Portfolio of J. Nicole Hatfield

A mural featuring a woman in profile painted in bright colourOKC Contemporary Mural 2019

J. Nicole Hatfield is a Comanche artist who works in paint and other media, creating everything from large-scale wall murals to small canvas portraits. The artist’s portfolio is packed with colour, and blends traditional art styles with a contemporary sensibility. 

A mural featuring bold textDWNTOWN OKC Mural Retouch 2019


I love the use of colour throughout J. Nicole’s portfolio. Whether it’s utilized in paintings to build up the shadow and volume of a face, or in broader planes on a mural, the artist has a colour palette that is diverse and far-reaching while remaining recognizable as a signifier of the artist’s style and background. J. Nicole’s website also showcases beadwork and jewelry by Marie Hatfield, and it’s interesting to see how a similar colour palette is translated into such a different media. 

A screen capture of J. Nicole Hatfield's art portfolio


J. Nicole’s body of work also extends into wearables and other household objects. The artist has a selection of tote bags painted with distinct images in her unique style of portraiture. These custom art objects showcase the artist’s work on yet another interesting substrate.

A hand-painted canvas tote bagTeata #3

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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