A Portfolio of Deep Blue-Hued Images by Casey Roberts

A cyanotype print of a treelarge bush, cyanotype on paper

Casey Roberts is an artist and printmaker currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The artist uses a combination of cyanotype printing and gouache to build deep blue-hued images that rely on sharp, simplified forms in stark compositions to build up a sense of narrative intrigue. 

A painting of a table with a drawing of a bird on itdrawing birds at breakfast (dining room table), cyanotype on paper with gouache


I really love the consistency of the cyan hue throughout Roberts’ portfolio of recent artworks. There’s something very inviting about this jewel-tone blue, and combined with pale neutral shades of gouache, as well as deep black shadowing, it takes on a richness that feels both warm and cool at the same time. It’s easy to think of each of these images as illustrations for an overarching plot, or even frames of an animation. 


The artist has a great eye for composition, and balances a significant level of detail with an overall structure that still feels pared-down. The design of each image allows for plenty of negative space where pure pigment can shine through, while individual figures and elements of each piece serve to draw the viewer’s eye in a clear yet self-defined path.

A painting of a river in moonlightmoonlit (river without end), cyanotype and gouache on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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