Sugar Alkymi: The Art of Sahar Masarati

A realistic poppy made from sugarPersian Poppy

Sahar Masarati is an artist based out of Santa Monica, California. Sahar’s medium of choice is sugar -- the artist works at a confectionery shop called Sugar Alkymi, producing cakes and other sweets adorned with delicate, stunningly realistic flowers and abstract artistic forms. 

An artisan cake topped with realistic sugar flowersTulipina inspired Sugar flowers


Looking at Masarati’s works, I can’t help but be reminded of Scott Hove, another artist who uses cake and pastry as a jumping-off point for artistic expression. That said, Masarati’s work seems to be the polar opposite of Hove’s. At Sugar Alkymi, custom creations draw on a sense of slight imperfection and fragility that feels natural, and embraces the temporal aspects of the medium.


Rather than trying to emulate the precise forms of natural flowers, it seems in many cases that Masarati instead works first and foremost with the qualities of her medium. The resulting formations are akin to leaves, flower petals, and scraps of fabric, and have an attractive sense of life and movement -- the sculptures are definitely in the realm of “too pretty to eat”.

An arrangement of edible flowers in a vaseedible centrepiece

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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