A Portfolio of Crisp, Cute Artworks by Cindy Scaife

A painting of a cute version of Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood, acrylic on canvas

Cindy Scaife is an illustrator and painter who works on both a private and commission basis, producing crisp, cute artworks that often feature food. The artist has created a series of works in which beloved foods and beverages are personified and turned into adorable cartoons. 

A painting of a personified telescope on an electric boxBell Box Public Mural Project (detail)


I like how consistent Cindy’s style is, even throughout very different projects and in works several years apart. The artist has a strong sense of personal style even when working with a client to produce a commissioned piece. Outside of her personal practice Cindy has also created collaborative murals and artworks with the help of school kids, and even in these collaborative pieces one can see the artist’s eye for bright colours and sharp, graphic designs. 

A screen capture of Cindy Scaife's art portfolio websitewww.cindyscaifeart.com

The artist’s practice encompasses wall art and murals for residential, public, and commercial spaces. It’s interesting to see these works and how they fit into the artist’s overall portfolio -- in residential spaces it seems that the artist must necessarily adhere to specific client requests, though even here a recognizable style shines through.

A dragon mural painted for a kids bedroomDragon Mural

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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