The Conceptual Art Portfolio of Prav Pillay

A photo of an outdoor installation with large stonesTransformations, collaborative community-based public art work (collaboration with Aaron Nelson-Moody - Squamish Nation)


Prav Pillay is a Canadian artist, researcher, and educator who produces artworks in a wide variety of media and styles. The artist’s works are often collaborative in their construction, or seek to engage their audiences through more than passive viewership. 

A photo of a 4-channel video installation projectafraid of what I could become, 4-channel video with 28 photos and 2 text panels. (Initial concept and video editor, co-narration by James Nicholas, photo and video camera by Sandra Semchuk, music by Joys Dancer.)


I like the way that Prav incorporates a wide range of aesthetics into a portfolio that still feels cohesive. The artist’s works are conceptual first and foremost, and it seems that Prav chooses whatever medium best conveys the intended message, rather than working from a place of affinity for one particular medium or method. Prav’s artworks cast a critical eye on systems in society at large, and as well as in more macrocosmic circles, such as the art industry itself. 

A screen capture of Pravin Pillay's art portfolio


Recent works by Prav have taken the form of outdoor installations, produced in collaboration with the Squamish first nation. These artworks take on a monolithic, solid form that feels different from the artist’s previous works of photography and institutional critique, though with a similar conceptual vein running through them.

An installation of a photo of a person's eyesWitness, Solo photographic installation - 19 monochrome images mounted on aluminum composite

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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