The Portfolio of Costume Designer Kathryn Burton Cover

A handmade women's coat for a theatrical costumeLady Bracknel, "Importance of Being Earnest" flat patterned

Kathryn Burton Cover is a costume designer, tailor, and fiber artist who produces wearable works with an intricate eye for detail. Based in Weeping Water, Nebraska, the artist creates custom costumes while maintaining her own costume rental shop, Grandpa Snazzy’s. 

A pirate coat with hand-cast gold buttonsPirate King coat with hand cast buttons

Looking through Kathryn’s online art portfolio, it’s easy to see the love that the artist has for her art form and chosen medium. Each piece is constructed with great attention to detail -- it’s fascinating, for example, to see the way the artist moulds each individual button on a jacket, or lovingly restores vintage shoes to reflect their original aesthetics. 

The front page of Kathryn Burton Cover's costume design portfolio


The artist’s costume designs for live theatre are equally beautiful and thoughtful, and remind me of similar works by fellow costumer Angela Dale. Kathryn’s attention to detail shines here as well, in the way that she constructs costumes to tell us more about a character, and help to set the scene of a theatrical work.

A photo of a production of Man of La Mancha"Man of La Mancha," Flatwater Shakespeare (horse heads woven by Dustin Whitey)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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