A Portfolio of 35mm Photography by Gilly Russell

A photo of a street in New York CityUntitled

Gilly Russell is a photographer who divides her time between France, Canada, and Australia. Specializing in 35mm photography, the artist uses a photographic lense to capture images of landscapes, cities, and people. 

A photo of two trash bins with bright compositionUntitled


I enjoy the overall subdued colour palette that runs across Gilly’s personal artworks. Though the subject matter varies quite widely, the artist maintains a cohesive look using a similar hazy, slightly desaturated aesthetic. The colour scheme makes these images feel like memories or dreams, producing an interesting tension against the expected immediacy of the photographic medium. The artist’s subjects, whether person or object, tend to appear candid, and that, too, lends a kind of intimacy to the images. 

A screen capture of Gilly Russel's art portfolio websitewww.gillyrussel.com


I appreciate the way that Gilly is able to handle vast landscapes and close-up portraiture with the same heartfelt care. No matter how much detail or space is packed into the photographic frame, there’s always a sense of inviting familiarity about the pieces.

A photo of an RV parked in snow with houses in the backgroundUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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