Fantastic Favourites: Craig Brumwell, Frédérick Wolfe, Ronan Boyle

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite works from three different artists. Working in a range of very different styles and media, Craig, Frédérick, and Ronan have built equally enthralling artistic portfolios. 


Craig Brumwell


Craig Brumwell is a Canadian artist who has worked mainly in the media of charcoal drawing and sculptural installation, combining these two disciplines to explore the material nature of a railroad, and the tension between nature and the man-made. I’m interested to see more of what Craig has worked on in recent years!

A charcoal drawing of a railroad overgrown with plantsRail (Senaq'w), charcoal on paper


Frédérick Wolfe


Frédérick Wolfe is a Montréal-based writer who works creatively on a personal and commissioned basis. The artist has written for film and television, as well as publishing a children’s short story titled Des roches plein des poches, in collaboration with an illustrator.

An illustration for a children's bookDes roches plein des poches (illustration by Marie-Ève Tremblay)


Ronan Boyle


Ronan Boyle was born in Northern Ireland and came to Canada in the 1970s. In his current artistic practice, Ronan works in a style that draws from pop-culture and street art influences, combining media and aesthetics to create a unique and expressive figurative art style.

A mixed media artwork with figures dressed as pigsUntitled (from series Pigs)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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