The Art Portfolio of Oil Painter Greg MacNair

An oil paint portrait of a young girlUntitled

Greg MacNair is an oil painter who works in a photo-realistic style, producing portraits and landscapes with equal care and attention to detail. The artist’s use of colour and expert blending techniques produces images that hearken to classical and romantic artworks. 

A landscape painting of a green meadow with a creek running through itUntitled


I really like the way that Greg uses classical art techniques to paint modern subjects -- the contrast is particularly visible in his works of portraiture, where subjects dressed in modern clothing and placed in current settings are painted with the attention to detail and careful colour selection one might expect from an era before photography. 

A screen capture of Greg MacNair's art portfolio


As we saw in our previous feature of Greg’s classically influenced art, the artist’s drawings capture a beautiful amount of detail, rendering facial features and simple backgrounds with perfect use of soft blending to capture the differing textures of hair, skin, eyes, and fabric.

A drawing of a young boyUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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