Sculptural Mixed Media Constructions by John Turner

A painting with bright prink stripes over a textured white ground#5, Radiant Pink, acrylic paint, Radiant Animation paint, canvas, string, polyester ribbon on canvas

John Turner is an artist originally from Montreal, who now lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his practice, John expresses an affinity for bright colours, large, confident marks, and sculptural mixed media constructions

A painting with colourful canvas scraps layered over a textured white backgroundUntitled, acrylic paint, rocks, sand, canvas on canvas


I really like the energy that’s expressed throughout John’s portfolio. The artist brings bombastic, eye-catching colour and composition to each individual work, and the cumulative effect is that his portfolio exudes a great sense of visual power. Though the artist tends toward simple compositions and repeated geometric forms, the bright, saturated colours and intricate use of unexpected sculptural materials demands a closer look at these pieces. 

A screen capture of John Turner's art portfolio


John is also a prolific artist, with a portfolio spanning decades. It’s interesting to look at the way John’s portfolio and practice have evolved over time, and also interesting to see the ways in which they’ve stayed the same, with earlier works drawing on previously experimented-with aesthetics.

A painting with yellow stripes on a white backgroundYELLOW YELLOW, acrylic, oil stick, enamel paint, canvas, string on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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