The Portfolio of Printmaking Artist and Painter Mary Crockett

A monoprint of an abstract colour fieldSouthern Evening, monoprint

Mary Crockett is a printmaking artist and painter based in the UK. In her practice, Mary creates works on paper that use well-defined colour schemes, abstract geometric forms, and dynamic compositions to tell a variety of stories. 

An etching of a pattern of circles in a dark wine colourCircle Grid #1, etching (edition of 5)


The majority of Mary’s artworks are produced on paper, and it’s interesting to see how various mediums behave on the same substrate. Works made in a combination of etching and watercolour feel delicate and have a loose, sketchy aesthetic -- monoprints and paintings are more saturated, with layered, translucent colours giving these pieces an almost stained glass-like effect. 

A screen capture of the front page of Mary Crockett's art portfolio websiteMary's art portfolio website

I really enjoy the way Mary composes her works -- the artist favours relatively simple abstract compositions, usually centrally focused, with one or more large abstract figures drawing the eye immediately. This gives the viewer the sense that these are paintings and prints “of” some subject, rather than purely abstract experiments.

A painting with geometric stripes and blue huesSummer, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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