Large-Scale Sculptural Installations by Baptiste Debombourg

A photo of a sculptural installation featuring rocks and glass fragmentsRheology

Baptiste Debombourg is a French artist who works in a variety of media, specializing in large-scale sculptural installations that alter the gallery space, or outdoor venues. In his work, Debombourg seeks to understand human actions, successful and unsuccessful, as well as exploring the place and purpose of art in today’s world. 

An installation view of a room-filling glass sculpturemaitère noir


I really enjoy the monumental, epic quality to the artist’s installations, many of which completely take over a gallery space. Though the space itself may not be large relatively speaking, there’s a sense of being able to step completely into the artwork, in a similar vein to fellow installation artists like Heimo Zobernig, or even the massive paintings of Barnett Newman.

Some of Debombourg’s recent works seem to emulate the destruction of a space, whether by man-made of natural means.The work maitère noir (dark matter) uses cracked sheet glass, layered over solid materials, to express he form of a tidal wave filling the room with dark, cold water or other fluid.

An outdoor installation of fragmented glass around a bus stopCrystal Palace

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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