Complex Figurative Works by Magdalena Korzeniewska

A mixed media illustration of a mermaidBride of the Sea, mixed media

Magdalena Korzeniewska is a Polish artist and illustrator who creates complex figurative works using mixed media, including gel pens. The artist’s works often feature themes from fairy tales and mythology, as well as characters from current pop-culture, surrounded by dense, layered forest imagery. 

A densely detailed drawing of a woman riding an elk through a forestI, Ursula, mixed media


I really enjoy the colour scheme present in the majority of Korzeniewska’s works. The artist uses saturated colours, but seems to work on a dark substrate, producing images that have an overall dark and mysterious atmosphere. The artist’s medium plays well with this black background, creating works that have a similar aesthetic to chalkboard drawings or paintings on fabric.  


I also really appreciate the very illustrative, narrative quality of Korzeniewska’s artworks. Some of them are made specifically to accompany text artworks, but many simply tell a story through details and symbolic use of figures and settings.

An illustration of a young boy surrounded by thick fernsJack and the fern flower, gel pens and digital media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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