Creativity and Social Change: The Art of Pamela Schuller

A handmade mask painted in bright red with patterningShadow Mask -- Shaman 2

Pamela Schuller is an Ontario-based artist who works in a range of creative media, using her artistic skill and experience to connect with others and teach art in a way that fosters both creativity and social change. The artist’s portfolio includes works of papier-maché, sculpture, and mural art. 

A paper-mache doorway made as part of an art workshopDoorway Workshop 2


The artworks in Pamela’s current portfolio represent a blend of technical skill and wild imagination, with the artist often drawing on theatrical imagery and fantasy themes to build masks that would transform their wearers into mythical creatures and wild animals. In Pamela’s Workshops gallery, the artist shows off some of the works that she’s made or facilitated, collaboratively or in the context of a learning and teaching scenario. 

A screen capture of Pamela Schuller's art portfolio


Pamela’s three-dimensional murals are a fascinating aesthetic blend of classic mural painting and paper craft. Most of the murals in Pamela’s portfolio have been produced by elementary school groups, and use constructions of papier-maché affixed to chicken wire to build up scenes celebrating nature and culture.

A paper-mache mural made by an elementary school class3D Mural -- Second Public School, Toronto District School Board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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