An Experimental Eye: The Art Portfolio of Kristin Leigh Calhoun

An artwork with printed rectangles and abstracted colourMakhana, collographic monoprint

Kristin Leigh Calhoun is an artist currently based in Austin, Texas. In her portfolio, Kristin deals with abstract patterns, geometry, and text, using a wide range of media and an experimental eye

A handmade artist book with abstract imagery on the pagesBequest, handmade artist book of wax monotypes


I really like the kind of scientific edge that permeates most of the works in Kristin’s portfolio. Through colour, composition, materials, and titling, the artist creates an overall aesthetic that makes me think of the work of Amarie Bergman or even in some cases Ryoji Ikeda. Though Kristin’s works allow for more uncertainty, more blurring of the edges, many pieces still express a mathematical sense of precision. 

A screen capture of Kristin Leigh Calhoun's art portfolio


Though one can find conceptual threads that stay consistent throughout Kristin’s portfolio, the artist’s works still show off a wide range of different styles and media, lending to the overall sense of experimentation. Whether she’s working in printmaking, wood sculpture, or mixed media installation, the artist seems to find a way to express her ideas.

An artwork featuring an abstract form and lots of negative spaceVoid, intaglio, spitbite aquatint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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