Colourful, Stylized Artworks: The Portfolio of Cécile Blanche

A watercolour painting of stylized eyesViews 5, watercolour and gold paint on 240mg watercolour paper

Artist Cécile Blanche was born in Cameroon and is now based in Canada. The artist draws on her varied background and experiences with many different cultures in creating her colourful, stylized artworks

A watercolour painting of stylized eyesViews 2, watercolour and gold paint on 240mg watercolour paper


The artist’s works cover a wide range of themes and subjects, but the common denominator is a joyful atmosphere. The artist tends to favour warm colours, which, combined with her gestural, expressive line art, lends a vibrant energy to the artworks. I really enjoy Cécile’s recent series Views, which features compositions made up of many stylized, brightly coloured eyes. Painted in watercolour and metallic gold, these pieces invite a closer look. 

A screen capture of Cecile Blanche's art portfolio


As we saw in our previous feature of Cécile’s work, the artist is very good at evoking positive emotions through her composition. Many of the works utilize a significant amount of negative space, but this only serves to provide better focus for the clean, yet deceptively detailed figures that dance across the surface of each work.

A painting of two large white bloomsBetsi

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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