Gesturally Figurative: The Art Portfolio of Dick Roberts

An oil painting with an abstracted, ladder-like formThe Ladder, oil and mixed media on canvas

Dick Roberts is an artist from Durham and now based in Wilmington, North Carolina. In his artistic practice, Dick works in a style that ranges from totally abstract to gesturally figurative. The artist adapts his style expertly to different media and subjects. 

A collage made with a body-print paintingTorso or So III, collage


It’s really interesting to see an artist with such a wide range of media in their portfolio. Though it changes to suit different media, Dick has a distinctive style whether he’s working in paint, pastel, collage, or ceramic. The artist’s eye for warm colours and a focus on loose, confident lines and brush marks shines through on any surface. Dick’s recent paintings, made primarily in oil and mixed media on canvas, utilize bold complementary colour schemes, blending blues and yellows, and overlaying images with splatters and lines of pure black and white. 

A screen capture of Dick Roberts' art portfolio


Dick’s treatment of the human figure is interesting as well -- in collages, body prints, and nude pastel studies, the artist explores different facets of the body -- from impressions and fragments to more detailed observational sketches.

An abstract painting with warm colours and a straight horizon lineThe Start of Day, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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