Sculptural Assemblages: The Art Portfolio of Gary Eleinko

A sculptural assemblage featuring branches, stones, and other natural elementsRemnants, oil on wood, rock, branches

Gary Eleinko is a Detroit-based artist who works in a mixture of two and three-dimensional media, producing works that are as much paintings as they are constructed, sculptural assemblages

A painting of trees with a spring atmosphereSpring Awakening, oil on paper


I really enjoy the artist’s use of plants and floral motifs. There’s a lush, almost tropical atmosphere running throughout Gary’s prolific body of work, enforced by shades of deep green, accented with warm reds and oranges that speak of fresh fruit or exotic flowers. This is especially true of the artist’s most recent works on paper, which combine elements of painting and collage to build images that are equal parts narrative and abstract. 

A screen capture of Gary Eleinko's art portfolio


Colour features prominently in Gary’s portfolio, regardless of the medium or specific series. In his painted constructions, Gary uses a combination of sculptural materials and found objects, sometimes using coats of paint to augment the natural hues of his materials. Archived painted constructions also showcase the artist’s affinity for clearly delineated, geometric planes of colour.

A sculptural assemblage alluding to the yin and yang symbolYin-Yang Pisces, oil on wood, hydrostone, rock, found pieces, epoxy

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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