A Portfolio of Abstract Imagery by Nathalie Gribinski

An abstract painting using bright primary coloursAvalanche, acrylic on canvas

Nathalie Gribinski is an artist, draftsman, and graphic designer based in the United States. In her personal artistic practice, Nathalie creates mostly abstract imagery, infusing her works with ideas of generosity, humour, and positive emotion. 

An abstracted painting with suggestions of floral and plant formsBlue Man and Flowers, acrylics on canvas


I find Nathalie’s Tourlicoulis works particularly interesting. The artist explains that Tourlicoulis is an invented term that she uses to describe an abstract visual motif that appears throughout her portfolio. The Tourlicoulis -- comprising a series of curved lines in combination with dots of varying sizes and gradient hues -- appears as both focal point and detail in several works. 

The front page of Nathalie Gribinski's art portfolio websitewww.nathaliegribisnkiart.com


There’s something about the visual rhetoric here that reminds me of coral formations, or even the ceramic work of Japanese artist Tomomi Tanaka. Nathalie’s works offer a very interesting balance between two-dimensional aesthetics, and a strong sense of layering and depth. The artist’s works simultaneously seem to emphasize negative space and bright, saturated colour.

A painting with bright red hues and a deep green shapeAngel of Hell, acrylics on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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