Simple, Sleek Compositions: Furniture by Enrique Morales

A hand-made console table with wood and glass elementsCurly maple, wenge, and glass console table

Enrique Morales is a woodworker and designer who produces beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and art through his studio, Madera Fina. The artist’s creations have a modern aesthetic to them, emphasizing simple, sleek compositions and the contrast between natural wood grain and the more uniform textures of glass or metal. 

A bench made from walnut and metalWanut Angle Finger Joint Bench


I really like the way that Enrique combines a sort of rustic, natural aesthetic with a very finely-tuned, polished, geometric edge. In some works, for example, a tabletop or bench seat is constructed using a single cut of polished wood, with the rough, uneven edges left intact for added visual interest. The table and bench legs, in such pieces are often made from sanded, painted, and perfectly aligned wood or sometimes other materials, creating a beautiful sense of balance and contrast that would be at home in both rustic and ultra-modern decor. 

A screen capture of the Madera Fina studio furniture


Outside of furniture pieces, the artist also produces lovely keepsake boxes, spoons, and other household items with a continued emphasis on the colour and texture of natural wood.

A custom-made box of zebra wood and ebonyZebra wood and ebony keepsake box

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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