Blended Landscapes and Florals: Art by Frank Kusch

A painting of abstracted, blended flowersCome Find Me, oil on canvas

Frank Kusch is a Canadian painter who works in both oil and acrylic. The artist specializes in abstracted, blended landscapes and florals exploring the limits of perception. 

A painting of flowers with orange and warm tonesYou Think You Know Flowers, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the way that Frank combines abstraction with figurative modes of painting. Many of the artist’s images are composed to offer just enough detail to suggest a scene of landscape while remaining abstract enough to allow the viewer to imagine further possibilities. In other works, Frank takes a more realistic approach, blending near photo-realistic landscape and portrait paintings with a slightly surreal, dreamlike edge. 

A screen capture of Frank Kusch's art portfolio


The scope of the artist’s portfolio is also interesting. It’s great to see so many paintings of vastly different subjects together in one gallery. The artist’s subject matter ranges from dense forest, to vast skies, to more otherworldly compositions in deep, shadowed hues. The overall tone of the artist’s portfolio is dramatic and striking.

A painting of lights on a body of water in the darkBrecht's Challenge, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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