A Portfolio of Drawing and Painting by Cary Wyninger

A painting of several owlsIn Dreams We Speak

Cary Wyninger is an artist based in Trempealeau, Wisconsin. In her practice, Cary takes an illustrative approach, combining techniques of drawing and painting to produce works that are sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, often a combination of both. The artist often works with feminine figures, animals, and plants as subject matter, using these motifs to create spiritual narratives. 

A drawing of a red leaf with watercolour and ink line artRed Leaf, watercolour and ink on watercolour paper


I like the way that Cary combines flowing, undulating line art with bright planes of diffusely applied colour. In many cases it almost looks like the artist starts by layering on pigment in a bombastic, abstracted fashion and then later contains it by applying line art to resolve the abstract colour into a clear, representational image. 

A screen capture of Cary Wyninger's art portfolio websitewww.carywyninger.com


Birds and feathers are a frequent motif in Cary’s works -- the artist paints portraits of owls, as well as interestingly abstracting elements of wings and feathers into works that are not so easily recognizable.

A painting of a purple lotus flower on a white backgroundViolet Flame Lotus

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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