Curated Art Collection: Over and Under

Abstract oil on panel painting

"Beige Walls, Clean Linoleum" Vanessa Maltese,  oil on panel.

Each week we present a curated collection of artwork. This week's Curated Art Collection is all on the theme of Over and Under.  As in the dizzing weave above surface and through sub dimensions. I love when elements of a piece of art are obscured and then reappear. The disappearing act let's us know that there are other depths depicted on the substrate. Featuring art by: Vanessa Maltese, Shawn Olin Jordan,  Mario Airo,  Ben Jones, Pierre-Luc Déziel, Brian Joubert, and Alice Coyle. Some of these works communicate Over and Under as above and below. Here are a few different interpretations of the theme Over and Under in a variety of media.


Photo of art mural in progress "Untitled" Shawn Olin Jordan  

Photo of LED light installation in art gallery“Loto” Mario Airo

Illustration of house structure"Concept Unification-Dog Table 1" Ben Jones, acryla-gouache on canvas.

Abstract colorful sculpture

 "Flowship Flips the Fool" Pierre-Luc Déziel

Painting of red sphere hanging in the air"Detail of Nativity" Brian Joubert


Abstract painting with white structures

 "Henry Street" Alice Coyle


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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