Momentum and Energy: The Art Portfolio of BJ Keith

A painting of abstract organic formsOrganic 8, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

BJ Keith is an abstract artist who works in both two and three-dimensional media. In her current practice, BJ explores ideas of momentum and energy, with the artist’s abstract imagery reflecting an intuitive, experimental, unexpected artistic process. 

A painting with geometric forms and bright coloursGeometrics 12, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas


I really like the way that BJ explores a variety of shapes and compositional styles while maintaining a coherent, consistent overall look and feel for her works. The artist’s paintings utilize a wide range of colour palettes and abstract compositions -- some works might feature hard geometric edges, while others focus on round, softened lines and colour planes -- yet are held together as a complete portfolio by the artist’s signature blending and lightly visible brush marks. 

A screen capture of BJ Keith's art portfolio

In some series, like Geometrics, BJ takes the same basic selection of shapes and marks and remixes them numerous times in numerous paintings. Looking through this gallery gives the viewer the unique opportunity to pick the abstract composition that best speaks to them and captures their attention.

A painting with undulating stripes of colour#5 Collection 6, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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