Inside the Art Studio of Carolina Caycedo

A photo inside Carolina Caycedo's California art studio


Carolina Caycedo is a Los Angeles-based artist who spent much of her teenage years in Colombia. The artist’s works are influenced by her own cultural experiences and travels, and often take the form of sculptural installations, frequently with an edge toward political justice and environmentalism. 


Caycedo’s studio has an atmosphere that reminds me equally of carpentry workshops and classrooms -- the neat arrangement of tape and tools on the board in the right-hand foreground recalls communal sets of tools and lends the space a sense of neat organization that is sometimes happily absent in art studios. The brightness of the space along with the aesthetic of the artist’s works-in-progress reminds me of the studio of Annie Morris.


There’s a slightly frantic edge to the arrangement of the space, the way objects are placed within the studio. It almost becomes difficult to tell what is an artwork and what is furniture or equipment. The coloured fabric constructions -- Caycedo’s series of Cosmotarrayas (named after a portmanteau of the words Cosmos and Atarraya, spanish for “net”) that hang in and around the small space lend an inviting, creative air to a room that might otherwise be anaesthetic. 


Outside of her work with physical, sculptural materials, Caycedo also works in film and video, as well as site-specific performances and other more transient, ethereal modes of art-making. The slight sparseness of the studio pictured above reflects a focus on raw ideas rather than materiality.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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