A Portfolio of Two-Dimensional Media by Sassicca Bowyer

A photo of a cat on a wooden constructionUntitled

Sassicca Bowyer is an artist originally trained in painting who now works in a variety of traditional, two-dimensional media and styles. The artist’s gallery features examples ranging from highly figurative, documentary photography, to abstract painting. 

An abstract painting with green tonesUntitled


Sassicca’s photographs sometimes remind me of work by Emina Kurtagic -- there’s a sense that the artist’s main pursuit here is to simply capture what they are seeing, though in many cases that focus gives way to an aesthetic undercurrent that feels natural, unforced, and unplanned. 

The front page of Sassica Bowyer's art websiteSassica's portfolio website, www.cozyinarocket.com


I also really enjoy Sassicca’s drawings -- these works mostly take the form of still-life and studies, but in a loose, lightly abstracted style that encourages the viewer to focus more on the texture and detail of the mark-making and the composition of the lines on the page. Suggestions of nude human figures, textiles, and other objects resolve only as the viewer’s mind fills in the gaps, leaving room for interpretation and an individualized experience.

A drawing of a woman recliningUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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