Attention-Getting Aesthetic: The Design Portfolio of Steve Ferris

A label design for Pindar ChardonnayPindar Chardonnay (lable design)

Steve Ferris is a graphic designer and commercial illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. In his practice, Steve creates designs for everything from print media and labels to clothing, working with a bright, attention-getting aesthetic eye. 

A selection of logo concepts for a tax companyTax Trilogy Logo Concepts


Steve’s logo designs make use of high-impact font choices and bright, contrasting colours. It’s interesting to see designs for a variety of companies and products next to each other in the artist’s portfolio, and think about what each visual choice conveys. Included in this logo gallery are a few sheets of concepts for the same company, and these are also an interest exercise in symbolism and visual rhetoric. 

A screen capture of Steve Ferris' art portfolio


The artist’s commercial illustrations utilize a variety of styles, each adapted to the needs and tone of the given subject matter. Illustrations for children’s books and media have a cartoonish, humorous edge to them while corporate imagery or instructional figures take a more serious tone. Steve shifts easily between these ideals with adjustments to colouring, line art, and detail.

An illustration of a semi truckBig Rig 1

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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