Simple but Striking: The Painting Portfolio of Debbie Hutson

A painting of an orange sunset over waterSunset Reflections, acrylic on mixed media paper

Debbie Hutson is a Mississippi-based artist who works primarily in acrylic, painting landscapes and colourful abstracts with smooth, softly blended gradient hues and an eye for simple but striking compositions. 

An abstract painting with gold forms hidden below a plane of blueJust Beneath, acrylic, mixed media, texture, gold leaf on canvas


I love how the artist’s figurative works sit in contrast to, and complement, her abstracts. Viewing the gallery as a whole, it’s easy to see how the artist tends to work in complementary colour palettes, favouring cool tones, purples and pinks, interspersed with textural ribbons of white and yellow in places. The artist’s figurative practice is exemplified by her seascapes, where lush gradients fade from ocean into sky, covering the substrate. 

A screen capture of Debbie Hutson's art portfolio


Debbie’s abstract artworks oscillate between soft, cloud-like marks and planes of colour to crunchier, more tactile arrangements of paint daubed onto the canvas to produce a kind of rocky texture. The artist’s use of lines and finer shapes amidst the planes of blended colour gives the viewer an anchor point and leads the eye along a clear path.

An abstract painting with pink and yellow huesPink Flare II, acrylic on watercolour paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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