The Portfolio of Traditional Artist Jan Marie

A watercolour painting of a trainKettle Moraine Train, watercolour on watercolour paper

Jan Marie is a traditional artist who works in a variety of media including watercolour, acrylic paint, and felt-tip marker. The artist is currently based in Arizona. 

A painting of a purple flower on a round canvasPurple Paradise, metallic acrylic on round stretched canvas

It’s interesting to browse through Jan’s portfolio and see the wide variety of media that the artist experiments with. In Jan’s gallery of acrylic works, the artist showcases paintings on round canvases that are reminiscent of the painted mandalas of Carolyn Trotter. The works often feature floral motifs, a perfect complement to the curvature of the substrate. 

The front page of Jan Marie's art portfolio


Jan’s watercolour paintings take a more nuanced and detailed approach to landscape painting, with lush greens and blues standing in for grass, trees, and sky. Many of these works seem like they were painted en plein air, with impressionistic attention to lighting and detail. Jan’s more illustrative work also graces book covers, handmade greeting cards, and even shirts.

A diptych featuring two paintings of shellsNatural vs Abstract Shells, paint on matboard


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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