Photography and Digital Media by Alexander Joseph Tacik

A photograph looking into a garden through a fenceOver the Garden Wall

Alexander Joseph Tacik is a Saskatchewan-based artist who works in photography and digital media. In his current practice, Alexander creates imagery that takes a closer look at urban architecture and rural scenery, approaching both extremes with an eye for colour and bold composition. 

A photo of a white skyscraper in ReginaUntitled


I really enjoy seeing Alexander’s photos of Regina and the surrounding area, and the contrast between the focus in different series. In one series, the artist presents views of various buildings and skyscrapers in downtown Regina. The buildings themselves vary widely in their styles and construction, so the unifying factor in the series becomes the artist’s eye, constantly looking upward, presenting every composition at a severe vertical angle and giving the viewer the overall impression of being dwarfed by these towers. 

A screen capture of Alexander Joseph Tacik's photography

Elsewhere in his portfolio, Alexander experiments with colour, presenting highly, even over-saturated views of plans, flowers, and colourful man-made objects. The photos have a cheery atmosphere, sometimes to the point of delirium, never losing their complexity.

A photograph of a pink doorwayUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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