Curated Art Collection: Overlay

Painting with mountains and trees and snowCollage by Ange Boccici


Each week we present a curated collection of artwork. This week the theme is Overlay.  As in overlapping dimensions in varying transparency. A blending of different times and spaces causing strange elemental phenomena. Featuring art by: Ange Boccici, Sandra Martin, Morgan Wedderspoon,  Rachael Siminovitch, Thea Yabut, Office Supplies Incorporated, and Jim Sanborn. I love the surprise of overlay within artwork, the possibility for interesting juxtapositions and I am particluarly delighted by the resulting effects in each of the pieces in this week's collection, Overlay.

Painting of fence and light

 "Railing" Sandra Martin


Colorful abstract illustration on paper

"Swirl 7" Morgan Wedderspoon


Illustration of woman with birds coming out of mouth"To Begin" Rachael Siminovitch

Painting with abstract lines and shapes"A Form of Extension" Thea Yabut


Collage with fragmented figure in the middle holding somethingCollage by Office Supplies Incorporated

Digital Print with sand dunes and white triangle

"Cainville, Utah" Large format projection, digital print, 30"x36" Jim Sanborn

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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