Momentary Images: The Oil Painting of Elizabeth Regan

A painting of a hill seen from across waterThe Holy Isle, Scotland, oil on board

Elizabeth Regan paints in oil on wood panels, often using her artwork to express views of her surroundings and the landscapes in which she finds herself. The artist’s style is impressionistic, using large, highly visible brush marks to create fleeting, momentary images of realistic spaces and places. 

A painting of a house in a rural areaView from the Window, oil on panel

I really enjoy Elizabeth’s use of colour throughout her art portfolio. The way the artist employs different hues in her settings is often bold, sometimes unexpected -- like her use of deep lavender purples and more gradient shades in views of cloudy skies, or deep greens daubed with moments of yellow or orange to signify rolling fields. Up close, it’s easy to get lost in the pure textures of the paint, with the true nature of the image only resolving when the viewer takes a step back. 

A screen capture of Elizabeth Regan's art portfolio


The large brush strokes lend a gestural quality to these paintings, and it’s easy to imagine the artist creating them quickly, in a frenzy of inspiration, perhaps en plein air on an outdoor easel.

A painting of flowers on a tableUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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