Tranquility and Warmth: Landscape Painting by Roger Asselin

A painting of a Florida sunsetGulf Cove Sunset, acrylic on canvas

Roger Asselin is a Florida-based artist who paints the local landscape in detailed, smoothly blended acrylics. The artist’s seascapes and landscape scenes capture the tranquility and warmth of the Florida coastline, as well as other locales. 

A painting of palm trees on a beachGandy Beach Triplet Palms, acrylic on canvas


The artist paints in the studio from photographs, doing a great job of capturing the feeling of a plein air painting, though perhaps taking advantage of the finer detail and smoother blending that is made possible by a still image reference. I really love the way the artist captures sunsets in particular. In a few paintings in his current portfolio, Roger paints sunsets with great attention to detail, particularly in the way the sun’s light highlights textured elements like clouds. 

A screen capture of Roger Asselin's art portfolio


The artist’s works sometimes incorporate human figures, though on a small, faraway scale, using the human figure not as a focal point but rather as a way of emphasizing the vast expanse of a landscape.

A painting of a sunset on a beachSt. Pete Beach Sunset, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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