Fantastic Favourites: Linda Lang, Bill Hayner, Colby Brewer

Today, let’s look inside the art practices of Linda Lang, Bill Hayner, and Colby Brewer. Working in paint, mixed media, and installation, these artists take very different approaches to their media and subjects, but all arrive at polished works that are equally evocative and visually engaging. 


Linda Lang
A painting of a body of water on Baffin Island

Colours of South Baffin, oil on canvas


Linda Lang is a painter and muralist who creates works of art depicting settings in the arctic circle and northern Ontario. The artist's blended paintings utilize smooth, curved lines and bright planes of colour, evoking the work of fellow arctic artist Ted Harrison.

Bill Hayner
A diptych of abstract paintings

Forty-sixth Month, Fifth Day, mixed media on birch wood panels (diptych)


Bill Hayner’s mixed media works utilize organic, bodily abstract forms in dense patterns. The artist’s works are inspired by his appreciation for, and fascination with, bodily processes such as birth and cellular renewal. The artist’s paintings and drawings capture a sense of both familiarity and pervasive mystery. 


Colby Brewer

A photo of an installation artwork made using a metal laddera few steps, ladder with rivets removed threaded through with chalk line


Colby Brewer is interested in space and architecture, and the ways in which objects and activities can and do interact with physical space. The artist works in sculpture and installation as well as more intangible media such as site-specific walks. Colby’s works are as much objects as they are experiences.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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