Memory or Emotion: Art by Leslie Ann Lemieux

A painting of a landscape scene in a parkUp at Glacier Park, coloured pencil

Leslie Ann Lemieux is an artist and illustrator whose work takes the form of both observational landscapes and images from fantasy realms. Working primarily in watercolour and mixed media, Leslie captures a sense of dreamlike awe whether she’s painting from memory or emotion

A fantasy landscape based on fear surrounding a loved one's dementiaImaginary Fears, mixed media on illustration board

I really enjoy the way that Leslie applies the watercolour medium in her works. Though watercolour often tends to produce more subdued, translucent works, Leslie’s mode of working utilizes highly saturated colours -- deep blues and greens and warmer hues -- to convey strong emotions. The artist’s series Landscapes of My Past focuses on real-life settings and locales, but seen through an emotionally charged, deeply personal lens. It’s fascinating how compositional and colour choices can allow the viewer to see through the artist’s eyes. 

A screen capture of Leslie Ann Lemieux's art portfolio


In Leslie’s fantasy artworks, the artist explores human figures, objects, and combinations of abstracted forms and soft planes of colour, building environments that look vast, like the viewer could step right into each painting.

An abstract mixed media work representing blood, sweat, and tearsBlood, Sweat, and Tears, mixed media on illustration board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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