Between Organic and Technological: Art by Angela Britzman

A sculpture of a spiked ball with blue and yellow coloursPopeye, wood, aluminum, vinyl paint

Angela Britzman is a New York-based artist who works in sculpture and traditional two-dimensional media. The artist’s works, particularly her sculptures, toe the aesthetic line between organic and technological, taking a single base form as a starting point and exploring a vast range of media and materials. 

A sculpture made from wooden ballsJack-in-the-Box, wood, bamboo


It’s really interesting to browse through Angela’s sculpture series and see the many different paths she takes to arrive at a particular visual destination. As we saw in our previous feature of Angela’s geometric intersections, the artist’s two-dimensional artworks seem to complement the three-dimensional ones -- dark landscapes and planes of black or deep blue dotted with white points that could be stars or snowflakes all lend to interpretations of the essentially abstract forms that make up the artist’s sculptural oeuvre. 

The front page of Angela Britzman's art portfolio


It’s easy to think of these sculptures as objects on either a macroscopic or microscopic scale. Where one person might see an interpretation of a virus or bacteria, another might see a distant planet or another interstellar object.

A sculpture made of balls impaled on spikesSea Change, wood, bamboo, vinyl paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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