Diffuse Points of Light: The Art Portfolio of Dennis Ekstedt

A painting of lights on strings in an undefined, dark spaceLuna Park, 1903, oil on canvas

Dennis Ekstedt is a painter based in Montreal, Quebec. In his long-standing painting practice, Dennis works with light and shadow, capturing city sprawl as seen from far above, layering diffuse points of light over planes of dark, deeply saturated colour. 

An abstracted painting with geometric elements and blue shadesLuna Park, 1903 #4, oil on canvas


The basis for Dennis’ paintings are deep, saturated shades of blue, purple, and grey. The artist then uses points of light in pale yellows, whites, and other lightened colours to  The artist paints primarily in oil on canvas, and the blending effects of the chosen medium show themselves in the way these points of “light” diffuse softly into the dark backgrounds, perfectly capturing the look of a city seen at night from far below. 

A screen capture of Dennis Ekstedt's art portfolio websitewww.dennisekstedt.com


In some works, Dennis pushes the envelope of his personal style, using motifs of dark grounding and points of light to build more abstract compositions, sometimes evoking stranger landscapes and other times encouraging the viewer to focus on the forms themselves.

A painting of lights on the ground seen from high aboveCrater, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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