A Portfolio of Uniquely Contemporary Artworks by Amber Petersen

A painting primarily made up of pink hues with floral detailsHello Darkness, mixed acrylic medium on stretched canvas

Amber Petersen is a Canadian artist who lives and works between Toronto, New York, and BC’s Sunshine Coast. In her artistic practice, Amber is primarily a painter, utilizing a wild array of bright colours and illustrative stylistic choices to create uniquely contemporary artworks

A pink-hued abstract painting with birdsBirds of a Feather, mixed acrylic medium on stretched canvas


I really love Amber’s recent series IT WAS ALL A DREAM. The paintings in this series are densely packed with detail, both abstract and figurative, and use an array of candy-coloured hues to convey a sense of cheerful, dreamlike delirium. The artist’s stylistic choices in these paintings remind me a little bit of the work of Rebecca Chaperon, especially in the balance between painterly, gestural brush marks and finer detail. 

A screen capture of Amber Petersen's art portfolio websitewww.amberpetersen.ca


Amber’s portfolio also contains works that more directly reference pop culture and the trends of the present moment. The works in KIDS THESE DAYS call up current internet slang, presenting short pieces of text as the central figures in painted scenes that take the expressions quite literally.

A painting incorporating the slang term Hot MessHot Mess, acrylic and rhinestones on panel board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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